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Timothy Wallace

Timothy Wallace is a Certified Performance Coach, Neuro Linguistics Master Practitioner, and sought after motivational speaker, life coach, and author. He’s transforming lives, and his talks and individualized coaching have empowered professionals and entrepreneurs to master their mindsets, take control of their health and finances, build long-lasting personal and professional relationships, and live happier, more fulfilling lives.  


In his book, “The Greatness Effect: Creating the Life Shift That Will Lead to Your Greatest Self,” Wallace utilizes an array of powerful concepts and activities he learned throughout his journey of personal development to assist readers in creating all the faith, optimism, and personal mastery necessary to achieve inner peace and success. 


Adversity unfortunately played a huge role in his formative years.  His father was murdered when he was seven, and he struggled with being an introvert due to bullying for several years thereafter. Raised in a single-parent household, he would later lose his mother to a long battle with cancer at age 26. However, he would thrive through all of this by means of athletics and physical activity, and the natural introvert affinity to basketball allowed him to shine all the way through high school. 


He would later join the United States Navy in 2010 and has made it to the rank of First Class Petty Officer in the Air Traffic Control Field. Throughout his career he has enjoyed his many travels overseas and the adventures that came with them. He was stationed in Japan for three years aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard and later worked at Naval Air Station Point Mugu for five years. He now works from the Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility in San Diego, CA, where he leads a team of over 13 young men and women. The Command Training Team Instructor also leads an array of classes on organization, leadership, suicide prevention, and numerous other topics. 


He has several awards and accolades, including the County of Los Angeles Commendation, the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, a first-place finish in two Toastmaster International Motivational Speaker Contests, and several others. He has also been officially certified as a Neuro Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and in Timeline Therapy as well.


The military afforded him the opportunity to develop his skills and hone his message. He volunteers with several nonprofits, as well, including Big Brother Big Sisters, Read Across America, the Reach One Teach One program, and others.  


As he turns to the future, he plans to continue focusing on coaching and helping young men and women identify and crush their goals, reinforce self-love and self-respect, and develop a mastery of internal and external dialogue. While his time is in demand, he also plans on publishing his second book and would love to do his own TED Talk and create a health and wellness center, where young people can have a place where they can feel safe from the pressures and demands of the outside world—and ultimately thrive through physical activity and proper guidance and support.

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