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Breaking yourself down, so you can learn to pick yourself back up Part 1 of 3

Breaking yourself down so that you can learn to pick yourself back up.

Part 1 Identification

We have all had negative experiences in our lives. Experiences that have either negatively affected you or others you have crossed paths with in life. How do these experiences affect you in your day to day life? If you have experienced emotional or psychological trauma you might find issues controlling your anger, being easily irritated, or having mood swings. Other symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Maybe your actions have caused others to feel pain and now deep down inside you have feelings of guilt. I myself have been on both sides and know full well how not dealing with your problems can keep you from attaining inner peace. The first step on the path to achieving self-mastery involves three things. First you want to identify all of the areas of your life that are affecting you in a negative way, then acknowledge and accept the affect that they have had on you, and finally forgive all of the people that are involved, including yourself. By doing these three things you will be laying the foundation for a life of personal freedom.

In order to identify some of the problem areas in your life that we are addressing here, there are three questions you can ask yourself:

  • If I was the perfect version of myself, what would I be doing that I am not doing now?

  • If I was the perfect version of myself, what would I not be doing that I am presently doing?

  • What experiences have occurred in my life that still hold negativity in them?

Once you Answer these questions, write them down somewhere for reference later. It is very important with this stage that you are completely honest. Like all things in life, you get what you put into it. Now is not the time to be prideful and not admit the areas in your life that are affecting you in a negative way. You must dig deep down within and address those issues you might have suppressed deep down inside. Those are the issues that are keeping you from being your ultimate self and knowing, displaying, and reciprocating true love and happiness.

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